Our Passover 2018


Happy Vegan Holidays
Filled with family, traveling, sense of freedom, blooming, new beginnings, loved one’s happiness, growth and joy 💕🌳💐

and yummy yummy vegan cooking 🙂 🙂 🙂
Here is a plate from last night’s wonderful Pessach (Passover) celebration:

Let’s start with
1. “vegan egg” for Passover from the amazing Vtopia Market – ויטופיה מרקט – גבינות טבעוניות and go clockwise-
2. Haroset (my mom traditional dates and nuts spread recipe for Passover ) on top of Matzah bread.
3. Latke (a salty pancake) of zucchini and tofu.
4. Cooked eggplants and peppers Salad.
5. Cooked red cabbage and apple salad.
6. Our own vegan recipe of liver paté topped with onion jam and traditional horseradish beet spread. (our Passover tradition)
7. Carrots and pecans salad.
8. Baby leaves, cherry tomatoes and nuts salad.
9. Beet and herbs salad.
In the center:
from the right 10. Persian rice with saffron, turmeric, and potatoes.
from the left: 11. Meatballs in Harriema (a spicy Moroccan tomato sauce).

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