Vegan Pasta Mia (Tel Aviv)

Vegan Tofu An (North of Israel)

RAWTASTIC (Berlin Germany)

January 29, 2018

A few months ago my wife flew to produce a wedding in Greece, by Wedaway she had a wonderful time. When I called her to verify our order of flights to Berlin She told me about this nice couple that is a guest in the wedding. they came from Berlin and they are vegans. Well, […]

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Hummus & Friends Aka Bahadonas (berlin)

Through our traveling, in the world and of course Berlin, we are trying not to eat Israeli food. But a good friend from Israel that lives in Berlin for a long time offered to meet me at a good hummus place I never heard of. I was very glad to try it and we scheduled. When […]

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Veganz Biocafè (Berlin)

The Biocafè at VEGANZ offers vegan bagels, cakes, salads, soups, smoothies and hot beverages. We love to visit and buy at VEGANZ supermarket, they have lots of healthy ingredients for cooking and fresh fruits and vegetables to nurture our body. But also a big variety of Industrialized food, that can compete with the non-vegan junk food in taste and unhealthiness. For […]

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Yellow Sunshine Burger (Berlin)

January 28, 2018

Yellow Sunshine is a vegan BIO-FAST-FOOD RESTAURANT all organic. they offer hamburgers, gyros, and currywurst. they don’t use flavor enhancers or artificial flavors. We heard about this place from a vegan friend we met at the Kaffee Karamell (Berlin) Thank you Ishay 🙂 Bacon-Cheese Burger – vegan patty with vegan cheese* and vegan bacon sChicken-Hawaii Burger – […]

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CôDung Sushi

I had a day to my self while my wife was certified to be a Kangoo Dance instructor. one of maybe two in Israel. After printing some papers for my wife I was traveling the old city until I was hungry. Another place I found in my research was this nice little place with two floors. […]

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The Bowl (Berlin)

The place is located above the well known VEGANZ supermarket. they believe that you should eat the right things in order to make you happy, it should be healthy, sustainable, tasty and Clean Eating. made with High-quality Natural ingredients with a variety of different taste experiences in each bowl. Pure Enjoyment. We choose to pay them a visit on their […]

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1990 – Vietnamese Restaurant in Berlin Friedrichshain

January 27, 2018

first of all, We got a lot of recommendations for this place, so when we returned from Nuremberg at night we didn’t laze, we ordered a table and went. Not a lot of people including me, knew that In 1990, there was a shortage of meat in Vietnam and milk wasn’t in their diet, so the Vietnamese people had […]

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Mount Lavinia – Sri Lankisches Spezialitäten Restaurant seit 1987

January 26, 2018

This is our first time in a Sri Lankan restaurant, the food they offer seems to have connections to most of the far east from Thailand to India PITTA  – A meal: The pitta meal is a set of 3 small plates that are served with speckled rice. mushroom curry – Fresh mushrooms in basil – […]

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THE GREEN (Nürnberg)

How we end up in Nuremberg one might ask. Well after my wife who is a Fitness Instructor (Hip-hop and Kangoo jumps) looked for a place in Berlin to stay in shape while we eat our way through the city like Pacman. She couldn’t find a single Kangoo place in Berlin, but she did found the headquarters […]

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Cafe Neue Liebe (Berlin)

January 25, 2018

a vegan-friendly coffee shop located in a very nice neighborhood with a nicely designed front and very nice interior design. a short time after we entered the cafe, we noticed a colorful clown, holding a ferret doll, walking with an old dog and another man, they got into the cafe and spoke in German. We were busy trying to […]

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