Vegan Pad Thai at Pekin (Tzahala Tel Aviv)

A funny story about 4 guys that left their wives and girlfriends at “home” on Valentine’s day and went to an Asian restaurant to be surprised that all the other guests are valentines couples…
Cousin M just landed in Israel for a visit from Canada And we all wanted to spend time with him. some of the girls had things to do at work, and others were abroad. Since I had a craving for a Vegan Pad Thai or some other Asian food and others were up to Asian too, we chose Pekin. We found ourselves in an Asian restaurant full of heart-shaped balloons and decorations, flowers… with only couples holding hands, kissing… and us.

So it was a bit weird and funny but it didn’t stop us from ordering, eating, talking, joking and having a great evening.

You will be glad to find Vegan options on the menu (Vegan optionally). If you want something else you should ask since most Asian food can be made vegan quite easily. The vegan soups that are offered to be made based on water since all the dishes are made on the base of a chicken stock. I can’t understand why is it so hard to have a separate vegetable stock? Well, water-based didn’t sound very tempting so I ordered the safe and usual, others ordered non-vegan dishes.

Pekin Vegan Pad Thai with tofu and rice noodles.

Pekin Vegan Pad Thai with tofu and rice noodles.

The servings came in a very big bowl. The portion of the dish was very large. I haven’t been to Pekin restaurant, I think since I was a kid. The Vegan Pad Thai positively surprised Me. My Pad Thai had all the original flavors from Thailand. I had a feeling that the Pekin restaurant stayed somewhere in the 80’s but I was wrong. The place design was new form Latest years. The service-oriented staff and the great food were key factors to a lovely evening. I think I will visit here again to try other dishes that might surprise me as well, hopefully for the best 🙂

The menu

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pekin (Tzahala Tel Aviv)

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