The Windmill (Paphos Cyprus)

April 29, 2018

The Windmill Restaurant was our Cypriot vegan revelation of the trip. It was so recommended I marked it for my self as must visit. I read they have a lot of vegan options, and I was surprised to see a very vegan-friendly menu. But we didn’t need the menu. after a short conversation with Nancy and her […]

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LAONA (Paphos Cyprus)

March 23, 2018

We were hungry for Cypriot vegan food after a really good and super professional massage at “Philip Brown Massage“. At my 10 month trip to Asia, I was certified in Thailand as Thai masseuse and kept it as a hobby. I can tell you that Philip is a real pro and a very good host and a conversationalist. Well after a […]

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Zorbas Bakery (Cyprus)

looking for Vegan Pastries? I guess its hard to find a 100% vegan Bakery in Cyprus or any other place in the world, but Vegan options in a Cypriot Bakery, not a problem. In this bakery chain as I was told everything that marked as Fasting is vegan. The branch we visited was open 24/7 and every time […]

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7 St. Georges Tavern

May 7, 2017

As we arrived Ben introduced himself as our host, set us down and explained the place concept. since 1996 Seven St. Georges Tavern (AKA Εφτά Άϊ Γιώρκηδες ταβέρνα) is a unique family tavern. That creates its food mostly from ingredients grown on their own farms or bought from relatives and friends in the vicinity. They also serve some […]

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Lengo Tavern – לנגו טברנה

May 5, 2017

While we were at the Health Basket (Health food shop) we ask the seller for a good vegan restaurant, and she told us she only know about a Vegan night arranged to raise donation for “Paw dog shelter” at Lengo Tavern (Aka Ταβέρνα Λέγκω), but it was planned for a week after our visit to Paphos. We read that […]

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ΚΟΤ – Baths Of Aphrodite Restaurant

ΚΟΤ –  Baths Of Aphrodite Restaurant (Aka Λουτρά της Αφροδίτης) is the only option where to eat in a walking distance from the Baths Of Aphrodite site. They offer especially seafood and meat but as vegans, we could find what to eat, Although I’m not sure it will be a good place for breakfast. French fries […]

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May 4, 2017

The restaurant declares on its website that it’s “THE ONE & ONLY AUTHENTIC THAI RESTAURANT IN CYPRUS”.  After more than 10 months in Asia, mostly in Thailand, I can say they are one of the best Thai restaurants I’ve ever been outside of Asia. The shift manager was local and welcomed us with a smile, […]

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Fico Café – פיקו קפה (Permanently closed)

October 6, 2016

Fico Café Resto is a local vegetarian & vegan joint in Limassol. As stated on their website it is a part of the International Slow Food Movement & supports Fairtrade producers. So how did I first heard about this Great restaurants? Our story with this place started when I looked for vegan restaurants in Cyprus […]

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